Pictures of Waterfalls
From Around the World

Welcome to Waterfall - Here you will find beautiful pictures of waterfalls from around the world. A waterfall is a naturally occuring phenomenon, and a waterfall can be very pleasing to the eye.

Many times while looking at a waterfall you will see a rainbow right in front of it. When seeing a rainbow beside a waterfall it gives you a feeling like you are witnessing something very special.

The waterfall pictures in our collection are diversified and let you see some of the world`s most popular waterfalls from different angles.

Waterfall pictures make great wallpaper for your desktop. You can even do a mix of waterfall wallpaper images and have a new waterfall picture appear on your desktop each day. You just select the images and ask your computer to randomly display the wallpaper over a period of several days. Most modern computers allow you to do that.

Our pictures of waterfalls from around the world are spectacular, and they let you see the waterfalls without actually visiting them. These pictures can also give you an idea of which waterfall destination you want to go and visit.

In each section of waterfall pictures, (menu on the left), we also include detailed information on each waterfall, so that you can know more about each specific waterfall.

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Waterfall Pictures from Around the World.

Angel Falls, in Venezuela are the tallest waterfalls in the world topping out at 979 metres or 3,212 feet.